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Kristen P. Patterson
DD '02
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Jocelyn Tutak
DD '06
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Thank you for your interest in the Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship.
The program no longer active. These pages and information are for archival purposes only.

The Doris Duke
Conservation Fellows Program - fellowship programs


The Environment Program of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation created the Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship program in 1997 to identify and support future conservation leaders. The Fellowship supports students who are enrolled in multidisciplinary master’s programs at partner universities, and who are committed to careers as practicing conservationists.

The program currently supports students enrolled in master’s programs at eight universities—Yale, Duke, and Cornell universities, Florida A&M University, Northern Arizona University and the universities of Michigan, Wisconsin, and California at Santa Barbara. A distinguished national advisory committee oversaw the invitation-only university competition.

Not only does the Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship provide financial assistance for tuition, it also cultivates leadership skills through internships, professional and career development programs, and ongoing alumni networking activities. To date the program has supported over 300 Fellows, many already making their influence felt in the environmental and conservation fields. Several have been named Presidential Management Fellows, and others are employed by such organizations as the World Wildlife Fund, EPA, Nature Conservancy, and the federal Office of Management and Budget.



Fellows are selected by participating universities. Only students currently enrolled in environmental programs at these participating universities are eligible to apply.

If You're Interested

For general information, contact Nolan Yamashiro, Deputy Director of the Doris Duke Conservation Fellows Program, at (609) 452-7007, ext. 301, or Nolan Yamashiro.

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