The name of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s newsletter—Fellowship—speaks to the notion of Woodrow Wilson’s fellowships in its broadest sense: a vibrant network of individuals joined by their ties to the Foundation and their commitment to American education at all gmat

The word fellowship itself originally meant something like today’s stakeholder or partner. A partnership of the nation’s best minds can have an inestimable influence on its most urgent challenges.

Comments, suggestions, and news of recent accomplishments are welcome; please email the Fellowship newsletter staff at, or call 609-452-7007 x131. Updates to Fellows’ contact information can also be emailed, or can be made through this online form.

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Fellowship: The Newsletter of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

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Spring 2013  
In this issue: Fellows in Science: Maria Luisa Crawford WF '60; Ayana Arce CEF '12; Kim J. Hopper CN '86; Elissa Epel WH '97; COMMENTARY from education leaders and Woodrow Wilson Foundation awardees Thomas H. Kean and Jeffrey Sachs; a look at the work of two Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellows from the inaugural cohort and more!

Fall/Winter 2012  
In this issue: New Jersey Pioneers Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship on East Coast; Secretary Clinton, Department of State Mark 20th Year of Pickering Fellowships; Jennifer Scanlon WS '87on Money and the Single a Downturn; End of an Election Year: Perspectives from Gary Gutting WF '64 H, Imani Perry MN '94, Ezekiel Emanuel CN '86 and Joanna Brooks CN '98...and more!

Spring 2012  
Teaching Fellowships: Keeping On: Early Signs Show WW Teaching Fellows Sticking With the Classroom; Fellowship Announcements: WW-RBF Fellows; Alicia S. Ostriker Gift Supports Women's Studies Fellows; Fellow Profiles: Lois Rice WF '54: Shaping Change from the Ground Floor Up through The Think Tank Consortium on Diversity; John C. Mather WF '68 on space science and the next generation space telescope; Cathy Davidson WF '70 on the digital revolution; Fellows' Perspectives on Business: David Mulford WF '61; Frank Bolden MLK '69; Pamela McGuire WF '69; James Surowiecki MN '88; Book Award Winners: Stephen Greenblatt WF '64 H, The Swerve (Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award) and Maya Jasanoff MN '97, Liberty's Exiles (National Book Critics Circle Award)  More...


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