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Sixty percent of entering college students must take remedial coursework before they can enroll in college courses. Even though these students are eligible to attend college, they are not ready for college-level academics.woodrow wilson national fellowship

The lack of college readiness is a national problem, and is directly related to the preparation students receive—or do not receive—in high school. Even students who complete a college prep curriculum may not gain the advanced critical thinking skills that colleges expect of their first year students. Remedial coursework means a longer time to degree and a higher cost—stumbling blocks that can prevent underserved students from ultimately completing their college education, if they even finish high school and go to college.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is committed to removing these barriers to success through school-university partnerships focused on school-wide interventions combined with research and policy efforts. Woodrow Wilson provides local partnerships of school districts/charters, community colleges, and universities with practical solutions to the college readiness problem.

College Readiness Initiatives

The Woodrow Wilson Foundation also offers resources and support for other school-university partnerships and college-going schools. For example, the middle school toolkit offers resources and tools for building a college-going culture in the middle school grades.

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