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Brenda Dixon Gottschild

Brenda Dixon Gottschild
WS '79

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Leila Rupp

Leila Rupp
WS '75

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Sarah Song

Sarah Song
WS '03

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The Woodrow Wilson
Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
in Women's Studies - mba education

In its 37-year history, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has awarded over 500 Women's Studies Fellowships. This program has made a significant contribution to the field, and we take great pride in the Fellowship's accomplishments.

We are now pleased to announce that the Women's Studies Fellowship has been restructured and will continue for the 2014-2015 academic year, with the competition opening in fall 2013. The stipends will be more generous and the number of outstanding scholars who receive fellowships will be modestly increased.

We are grateful to all those who have expressed dedication to and support of this program over the past year. Please check back for updates!



The Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies encourages original and significant research about women that crosses disciplinary, regional, or cultural boundaries. Previous Fellows have explored such topics as transnational religious education for Muslim women, the complex gender dynamics of transidentity management, women’s electoral success across racial and institutional contexts, women’s sports, militarism and the education of American women, and the relationship between family commitments and women’s work mobility. More…


The Women’s Studies Fellowships are provided to Ph.D. candidates at institutions in the United States who will complete their dissertations during the fellowship year. The most competitive applications include not only a clear, thorough, and compelling description of the candidate’s work, but also evidence of an enduring interest in and commitment to women’s issues and scholarship on women.

The Women’s Studies competition is for projects in the humanities and social sciences; projects in fields such as management, the clinical and biological sciences, and law are not eligible unless they have a demonstrable academic grounding in the humanities and social sciences. Applicants working on health-related issues in the social sciences should consider carefully whether their work demonstrably centers on the topic’s social, cultural, and individual aspects.

If You’re Interested

Please see the information on the following pages:

You may also browse the selection committee members and Fellows from the most recent competition:

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