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From time to time the Woodrow Wilson Foundation releases policy-oriented reports, transcripts of public sessions, summaries of conferences, and similar documents. The most recent such documents from various Woodrow Wilson programs are posted below.entrepreneurship mba


Career Changers in the ClassroomA Life of Consequence, a Profession of Status
Enhancing Respect, Recognition, and Retention of Talented Teachers
(34 pp)
A Report to the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
by Caitlin Zaloom, Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University and
Eric Klinenberg, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, New York University

For our society and our nation, it is imperative that education be uplifting, broadening, and rigorous. That means nothing is more important than who is standing in front of our classrooms. But in today's climate, how can we expect the best and brightest to commit themselves to helping our children learn and grow? This report to the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is an attempt to help answer that urgent question.

Career Changers in the Classroom: A National Portrait (47 pp)
by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc., conducted on behalf
of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

A national survey of people who change careers to teach. Conducted by Hart Research Associates and funded by MetLife Foundation, the survey results debunk stereotypes and raise questions about the adequacy of early real-world prep and in-school support.

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Teaching as a Second Career (30 pp)
by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc., commentary by David Haselkorn

A national survey of potential midcareer teacher candidates, conducted for Woodrow Wilson by , includes commentary by Woodrow Wilson senior fellow David Haselkorn. This survey was made possible by a grant from MetLife Foundation.

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Encore Performances: Tapping the Potential of Midcareer and Second-Career Teachers (74 pp)
by David Haselkorn and Karen Hammerness

A review of current research on the “tipping points" that motivate high-performing college seniors and midcareer professionals to consider teaching careers. The report includes findings from a recent series of focus groups conducted for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation by , with support from Lehman Brothers.

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Ensuring College Success: Scaffolding Experiences for Students and Faculty in an Early College School (26 pp)
by Anne Newton, Jobs for the Future and Kristen Vogt, Associate Director of Woodrow Wilson Early College Initiative

The partnership between Brooklyn College and Science, Technology and Research (STAR) Early College School demonstrates how students benefit when colleges and high schools work together. STAR and its partners carefully designed a Transition Plan which gradually introduces students to college-going experiences and the demands of college coursework, while providing a wide variety of supports tailored to individual needs. Each component of the plan was created through college and high school faculty collaboration, fostered by formal and informal organizational structures of the partnership. Ensuring College Success is a joint publication of and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

The Responsive Ph.D.

The Responsive Ph.D. (2000-2006) built on previous national studies and projects that identified a mismatch between the kinds of training Ph.D.s receive in graduate school and the careers available to them. The Responsive Ph.D. initiative sought to sharpen these findings into recommendations for change and to foster models for innovation that will provide a richer purpose and a richer population for doctoral education.

The Responsive Ph.D.: Innovations in U.S. Doctoral EducationThe Responsive Ph.D.: Innovations in U.S. Doctoral Education (78 pp)
This overview of the Responsive Ph.D. initiative's five years of work with 20 major U.S. research universities presents findings and recommendations for improvements in the Ph.D., emphasizing interdisciplinary scholarship; preparation for work in a range of academic and nonacademic settings; better recruitment/retention of doctoral students of color; and dynamic connections between Ph.D. programs and the broader society.


Diversity and the Ph.D.Diversity and the Ph.D. (60 pp)
Created through Woodrow Wilson's Responsive Ph.D. initiative, Diversity and the Ph.D. looks at a range of mechanisms through which foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits have sought to recruit and retain more minority students in U.S. doctoral programs. Drawing on interviews with the leaders of 13 such programs, the report also points to circumstances that increasingly impede their work.

Related Policy Work

    • , an independent study conducted by Arthur Levine and colleagues beginning in 2001, is the most extensive study ever conducted into the strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance of the more than 1,200 departments and schools of education presently in operation at colleges and universities around the country. To date, the Education Schools Project has produced three reports.
    • The National Commission on the High School Senior Year (2000-2001) was housed at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. The work of the Commission was concluded in 2001. While its report is no longer available from Woodrow Wilson in hard copy, an archive copy may be accessed in PDF format.
    • Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Quantitative Literacy (2001) was a publication of the National Council for Education and the Disciplines, housed through 2003 at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Mathematics and Democracy is now available from the Mathematical Association of America’s .