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E. Jane DoeringE. Jane Doering
Executive Coordinator, Notre Dame’s Teachers As Scholars programeducation fellowship


Margit Rankin & Miriam BarthaMargit Rankin & Miriam Bartha
Puget Sound Teachers As Scholars program

Teachers As Scholars - education fellowship


At 34 sites across the nation, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation’s seminars for teachers have offered intellectual reinvigoration for K–12 teachers by engaging them as the scholars they are—and in so doing, have forged powerful new links between high school and college. This initiative, Teachers As Scholars, represents both a new vision of professional development and a vital collaboration between college and university faculty and public school teachers.

Through this program, K–12 teachers participate in small seminars led by arts and sciences professors and are thus connected to the world of scholarship—the reason many of them became teachers in the first place. In turn, university faculty become more fully involved in the ongoing efforts of the schools.

Developed as a collaborative project between the Brookline school district and Harvard University (as part of an American Council of Learned Societies program), Teachers As Scholars was launched nationally in 1999 by Woodrow Wilson, which provides start-up incentive funding to each site. More...



Every seminar network site offers its own series of sessions on varying schedules. All, however, share the fundamental TAS program approach, tailoring it to local needs and resources.

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Contact Marue Walizer, Senior Consultant for School/University Partnerships, (609) 452-7007, ext. 313

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